Bus routes serving industrial sites

Cuts without alternatives, the future of bus lines at risk

On February 1, 2023, a delegation from the OGBL, made up of representatives of industry and transport syndicates, met for the second time with the Minister of Mobility, François Bausch, in connection with the elimination of routes serving industrial sites at shift changeover times.

At the first meeting at the Ministry in December 2022, it was agreed that the reorganization of the routes should improve the quality of public transport by better adapting it to the needs of users, in particular shift workers. The Ministry undertook to find solutions and not to discontinue lines serving industrial sites until an alternative means of transport is available, for example through the implementation of a mobility plan at company level. Finally, further studies were to be carried out at the Ministry level before a final decision was taken.

At the follow-up meeting on February 1, the Minister presented the status of the reorganization of the lines and the decisions taken so far.

While the OGBL welcomes the decision to maintain some heavily used bus routes, it objects to the Minister’s decision to eliminate 6 bus routes serving industrial sites without offering alternative transportation to employees. The companies concerned have already been informed of this decision.

According to the Ministry, these routes can no longer be justified. The routes in question are 16U Rodershausen – Colmar/Usines; 17U Clervaux – Hosingen – Stolzembourg/SEO; 21U Echternach – Colmar/Usines; 92U Bigonville – Colmar/Usines; 93U Martelange – Colmar/Usines; 94U Boulaide – Colmar/Usines.

Has every effort been made to find alternatives for the employees? NO!

More innovative mobility concepts (shuttles, minibuses, “on demand” mobility) must be studied by the Ministry to compensate for the disappearance of the lines.

The OGBL, together with its staff delegations, calls on the companies concerned to assume their responsibilities and contact the Ministry of Mobility to set up mobility plans for their employees. The laxity of employers in organizing the transportation of their employees must stop!

The OGBL will ensure that an evaluation of the efforts made by employers and the Ministry is presented at the next meeting. We need mobility solutions for everyone!

The future of the lines is still uncertain!

Even if the other lines continue to serve industrial sites for the time being, their fate remains uncertain! Whether or not they will be maintained will depend on studies currently being conducted by the Ministry, as well as possible alternatives. The studies will not be completed until May.

The lines will remain in operation until May 2023. What happens next?

The OGBL has requested a meeting as soon as the results of the studies are known. The OGBL will continue to monitor every detail of the proposed reform.

For the OGBL, the reform of the network must guarantee a quality public transport that meets the needs of all users, including shift workers!

In this context, the OGBL demands clear commitments from the Ministry and the companies!

Press release of the Chemistry Syndicate, the Metal Processing Syndicate and the Road Transport & Navigation/ACAL Syndicate of the OGBL, February 1, 2023