Union dues

What does it cost to be a member?

How much does membership cost?

An employee, CFL agent, civil servant, public-sector employee or self-employed person pays during the first 12 months a reduced contribution of maximum 15 € per month. After that, the contribution will be a maximum of 21 € per month for an income equal to or higher than 2,100 € or one percent of the gross monthly income, with a minimum contribution of 10.10 €.

For retirees and early retirees, the monthly contribution is €19.40.

For young people under 18 years of age, membership is free of charge. This also applies to pupils and students over 18 years of age – the certificate of enrolment or of studies serves as proof.

Apprentices pay a monthly membership fee of €4.20.

Unemployed persons who are registered with the ADEM and do not receive unemployment benefit pay €2.10 per month.

Non-workers, housewives and househusbands and recipients of the social inclusion income (REVIS) pay €10.50 per month.

Widows or widowers who wish to continue the membership of a deceased member pay €10.50 per month.

You can find all the advantages that are included in the membership fee in the section Our Services.

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Application for membership

If you prefer a paper version, download our membership form in pdf.

You can print out the form and fill it in manually before sending it to us by post. To make it more readable, you can also fill in the form in pdf format using the latest version of Acrobat Reader (see explanations of the procedure by clicking here) before printing it out.
For interested persons with a bank account in France, please attach a RIB.
If you have a bank account in Belgium, please indicate the address of the bank branch.

Then return the completed and signed form to the following address

OGBL Member Management Department

31, avenue Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-3441 Dudelange
T: 54 05 45 928
F: 54 05 45 284
Email: affiliation@ogbl.lu

Can I deduct my union dues for tax purposes?

Yes, the union dues can be deducted as long as your actual costs are higher than the flat rate of €540/year. You have the possibility to deduct its business expenses (with no ceiling) in relation to your salaried occupation.

If the business costs do not exceed the flat rate of 540 € then the contribution to the OGBL death fund, which is included in the union dues, is tax deductible. All you have to do is request a certificate from our Member Management Service, by phone at +352 54 05 45 928 or by e-mail at affiliation@ogbl.lu.