Pension reform in France: OGBL in solidarity

Metz 10

Faced with the massive attack on the French pension system led by President Macron and the Borne government, OGBL fully supports the French employees and their unions and participates as such in the mobilizations taking place in France.

As a reminder: the French government wants to extend the duration of contributions to 43 years and postpone the retirement age from 62 to 64. Nearly three quarters of the French people are opposed to this reform. On January 19th, on the occasion of a first day of strikes and mobilizations, more than two million people mobilized throughout France.

The OGBL participated, with a delegation of 120 activists, in the unitary demonstration organized by the unions in Metz, which gathered a total of more than 13,000 people.

A new day of mobilizations is planned for January 31. The OGBL will again be present in Metz with a large delegation, together with the French employees and their unions.

Many cross-border workers who are employed in Luxembourg are directly or indirectly concerned by the reform wanted by the French government: either because they have mixed careers, or because their spouse works in France.

The OGBL therefore fully and actively supports the mobilizations in France and asks the French government to withdraw its pension reform project. Furthermore, it is also a question of warning the Luxembourg employers and their political allies: an attack on the Luxembourg pension system would in any case lead to a reaction similar to that of the French employees and their unions.

Press release by the OGBL,
January 30, 2023