Europe needs steel, steel needs Europe!

As an active member of IndustriAll – the European trade union confederation representing industrial workers across Europe – the OGBL joins the day of action on 21 March 2024. The day of action will take place the day before a high level meeting organized by the European Commission. In this framework, European trade unions are calling for a real EU industrial and investment strategy to decarbonize the steel sector and to make European steel companies behave in a socially responsible way in this massive transformation. It is time for a strong social dialogue to ensure a fair transition for steel workers.

In parallel with the information campaign in the factories, an OGBL delegation made up of delegates from ArcelorMittal and Liberty Dudelange met with the Minister for Economy, Lex Delles, to present him a dossier containing the demands of the European trade unions to safeguard the future of the sites and the jobs that depend on them. The Minister listened attentively to the OGBL delegation and participated actively in the discussions. The OGBL is pleased to note that he cares about the future of the steel industry and especially about the jobs that depend on it. The OGBL delegation was composed of Araujo Stefano (member of the OGBL Executive Committee), Poulain Xavier (Vice-President of the OGBL Steel and Mining Syndicate and ArcelorMittal delegate), Agostinelli Carlo (ArcelorMittal delegate), Bonilavri Laurent (ArcelorMittal delegate) and Lacouture Hubert (Liberty Dudelange delegate).

Steelworkers across Europe are calling on EU policymakers, national governments and steel companies to take urgent action to protect the industry and save jobs!

Europe’s steel industry is in crisis:

  • European steel production fell by 30 million tons last year.
  • Thousands of workers are facing temporary unemployment.
  • It is feared that around 50% of European steel production capacity could be lost.
  • While Europe suffers, global steel overcapacity continues to grow, peaking at around 2,500 million tons by the end of 2023.
  • While steel mills are closing in Europe, China has increased its capacity by 2.2% and India by 7.5%.

Steel is central to Europe’s green transition and its strategic autonomy – steel must be protected!

Steelworkers and trade unions across Europe are fighting for

  • a new European Steel Action Plan, for greener steel from Europe to secure the future of European steel and its workers.
  • fair international competition and against unfair trade.
  • an affordable and secure energy supply for industry.
  • good industrial jobs.
  • steel companies that respect their workers and the communities they depend on.

European trade unions stand closely together in their fight for European steel and its workers.

Communicated by the OGBL Steel and Mining Syndicate, March 21, 2024