A festive and combative First May

May 1st is Workers’ Day! And this year, the OGBL invited all workers and pensioners to a day combining a festive atmosphere with a fighting spirit. All in a magical setting: the Neumünster Abbey at Luxembourg’s Grund.

The day kicked off at 10:30 a.m. on the square of neimënster with the May 1st speech by OGBL president Nora Back. The speech, which was eagerly awaited just a few months before the parliamentary elections, focused on tax justice, the need to increase the social minimum wage, the reduction of working hours, the improvement of our pension system and, of course, the defense of the index.

May 1st speech by the OGBL President
Speech by Nora Back

But May 1st is also a time for celebration. And this was perfect timing. As part of its traditional Festival of Labor and Cultures, the OGBL had once again organized a rich and varied program, in collaboration with the neimënster teams. In a festive, relaxed atmosphere, several thousand people from all backgrounds and nationalities enjoyed a wide range of culinary delights and a cultural program that was, as always, of the highest quality, with entertainment for young and old alike.

Alongside the gastronomic village, visitors were able to attend numerous concerts, shows, readings, children’s workshops and exhibitions. The day ended with a concert by Serge Tonnar & Band, currently on tour with their new album “Jo an Amen”.

Communicated by the OGBL on May 3, 2023