Social plan avoided

Unions and management at Circuit Foil agree on a job protection plan

On November 10, 2023, the OGBL, the company’s majority syndicate, the LCGB and the Circuit Foil staff delegation signed a job protection plan (plan de maintien dans l’emploi – PME) with the company’s management.

After several weeks of uncertainty, during which the syndicates demanded the implementation of a PME, the social partners reached an agreement and negotiated and signed such a plan, which is valid for a period of six months and includes a series of measures to avoid a redundancy plan and the consequent loss of jobs.

Subject to the approval of the PME by the competent ministry, the social partners have agreed on a number of measures, including the application of the legislation on early retirement due to company restructuring, voluntary part-time work and the use of structural short-time work.

It is also planned to set up a monitoring committee, composed of representatives of the social partners, to periodically review the progress of the measures taken under this SME. Should further measures prove necessary, they will also be discussed by this body.

Communicated by the OGBL, the LCGB and the management of Circuit Foil Luxembourg
November 10th, 2023