The European industrial union family meets in Thessaloniki

IndustriAll Europe’s mid-term conference was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 31 and June 1, 2023, under the slogan “Power in a Union!”. It was the first major European gathering of trade union militants from industriAll Europe member organizations since the pandemic.

Nearly 500 staff delegates from industrial trade unions in 34 countries took part. The OGBL, the only Luxembourg trade union present, was represented by Stefano Araujo, member of the Executive Board, Patrick Freichel, Central Secretary of the Metal Processing Syndicate.

The conference gave delegates the opportunity to look back on two years of European trade union work since the 2021 Online Congress, and to discuss strategic priorities up to the next Congress in 2025:

– For strong and sustainable industrial jobs in Europe

– For fair wages and working conditions

– For solidarity and peace in Europe

Strong unions are the basis for defending workers’ interests and making their voices heard. Their participation in shaping industrial policy is essential to creating, transforming and maintaining quality jobs in industry. In a context of ecological and digital transition, the fight for decent jobs for all, the fight against precarious work in European industrial sectors and the guarantee of healthy and safe workplaces remain the priority of the trade union organizations present!

The trade union organizations present at the conference gave the Ukrainian delegates a standing ovation after their speeches describing their daily lives. All participants expressed their full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and reiterated their demand for an immediate halt to Russia’s acts of war. European institutions must do everything in their power for peace!

Published by OGBL, June 2, 2023