Transfer of CargoCenter operations

Global agreement signed: jobs, working conditions and employees’ livelihoods guaranteed

At the end of May 2023, Luxair decided to withdraw from the bidding process for the ground handling licenses. As a result, the CargoCenter’s 1,200 employees had to endure a 7-month ordeal of uncertainty and concern about the sustainability of their jobs and working conditions. After numerous efforts by the unions, including numerous meetings with all parties involved and the organization of a protest picket on September 29, 2023, a global agreement was finally reached in the interest of all CargoCenter employees.

On December 21, 2023, the OGBL, LCGB and NGL-SNEP unions signed an agreement with the management of Luxair and Luxcargo Handling concerning the transfer of the staff of Luxair CargoCenter to Luxcargo Handling following the award of the licenses for the provision of ground handling services.

The global agreement signed provides for the following

  • the employees transferred to Luxcargo Handling will benefit from a job guarantee. In the event of overstaffing, there will be no dismissals for economic reasons and Luxcargo Handling undertakes to negotiate a job protection plan (PME) with the contracting unions.
  • an individual collective agreement for Luxcargo Handling will be concluded on the basis of the Luxair collective agreement, guaranteeing that the rights and entitlements of the employees will be safeguarded from the date of the transfer of personnel.
  • adequate staff representation will be guaranteed from the date of the transfer of personnel in order to support the transfer of employees.
  • an agreement has been reached on the existing agreements and extra-legal benefits specific to Luxair personnel for the transferred employees.

This is a good overall agreement as the points mentioned above address the concerns and uncertainties of CargoCenter employees and represent a significant improvement in the legal provisions governing the transfer of an activity.

It was only thanks to the perseverance of the unions and the continued support of the employees during various union actions and demonstrations that this global agreement was reached.

The global agreement reached with Luxair and Luxcargo Handling is a recognition of the impeccable work done to date by the CargoCenter staff and guarantees the continuity of their jobs, working conditions and livelihood.

Press release December 21, 2023