A new collective agreement for the employees of La Boutique du Coiffeur

The OGBL is pleased to announce the signing of the first Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the employees of La Boutique du Coiffeur, a company specializing in the sale of hairdressing products, with approximately 40 employees.

The new CBA will apply from October 1, 2023 for a period of 3 years. It represents a further step forward in protecting and improving the rights and benefits of employees in the sector.

The main points of the CBA are as follows

  • an increase in the Sunday premium to 90%, 20% more than the legal minimum
  • an additional day off after 10 years of service – this provision rewards employees’ loyalty and commitment to the company
  • clarification of the conditions for reimbursement of exceptional travel and parking expenses – in the case of exceptional travel, the employer will reimburse travel expenses at a rate of 0.30 euro/km, in addition to covering parking costs.
  • the CBA includes a list of certain bonuses applied, together with their conditions, in order to ensure a degree of transparency with regard to financial rewards for employees.
  • introduction of a salary scale – the gap between the qualified minimum social wage and the salary of store managers will be increased to maintain a 200 euro gap between the different salary levels.

Press release of the OGBL Commerce Syndicate,
October 20, 2023