Collective Bargaining Agreement for the City of Luxembourg

A paradigm shift for 1,600 employees

After years of negotiations, the OGBL and LCGB unions, the NVGL association and the Conseil échevinal de la Ville de Luxembourg have signed a new collective agreement covering 1,600 employees of the City of Luxembourg.

After lengthy negotiations with the City of Luxembourg, the signatory unions were able to sign a modern and attractive collective agreement for the employees of the City of Luxembourg.

The social partners are clearly committed to a paradigm shift, as the new collective agreement takes into account a number of new requirements in the world of work.

The new text has been adapted to current working conditions and is presented in a new, coordinated version. It has a clear structure, particularly with regard to the regulation of working hours and rest periods, vacation rules, time savings account, pension benefits, health and safety rules, and sexual and moral harassment in the workplace.

The right to disconnect, which ensures a better work-life balance, was renegotiated. In particular, it was agreed that no disciplinary action would be taken for not answering phone calls or emails during rest periods and vacations.

In addition, the salary provisions were improved as follows

  • Introduction of a new linear salary structure and a new career model based on 6 clear and understandable careers.

The previous model was based on 12 salary groups, which made it possible to identify a variety of career paths. The new 6-career salary grid now allows for easy career classification and ensures a fair compensation policy for all employees. It also makes it easier to move from one career to another. In addition, the careers of employees with disability status who benefit from a support measure will be aligned with the new career model.

  • Introduction of new allowances for team leader positions (e.g. foreman, department manager) and for the master’s certificate.
  • 25% increase in special allowances (clothing, holiday and meal allowances) for all employees. This corresponds to a gross monthly amount of 456 euros.

This qualitative and financial upgrading of the collective agreement contributes to increasing the value of the work of the employees of the City of Luxembourg.

The collective agreement is valid from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025.

Press release of February 21, 2023