The Public Service Syndicate represents and defends the interests of all personnel employed by the state and municipal administrations. The Public Service Syndicate strives

  • to defend the socio-professional and material interests of public service personnel;
  • to commit itself to improving their working and salary conditions;
  • to fight against any form of privatization, liberalization or detachment of public services.
Competent for whom?

The Public Service Syndicate is competent for:

  • civil servants
  • public-sector employees
  • public-sector workers
  • municipality civil servants
  • municipality employees
  •  municipality workers

The field of competence of the Public Service Syndicate includes

  • state administrations and ministries
  • intermunicipal syndicates
  • certain public establiishments
  • postal and telecommunications companies with public status

Excluded from the field of competence of the Public Service Syndicate are teaching staff as well as civil servants and employees who fall under the competence of the SEW/OGBL as well as civil servants and employees exercising a health profession falling under the jurisdiction of the Health, Social and Educational Services Syndicate of the OGBL.

Collective agreements

The Public Service Syndicate is the spokesperson for the negotiation of the following collective bargaining agreements – CBA:

  • CBA for the employees of the communes of the South (Bettembourg, Differdange, Dippach, Dudelange, Esch/Alzette, Garnich, Hobscheid, Kayl, Koerich, Mondercange, Bascharage, Pétange, Reckange/Mess, Roeser, Rumelange, Sanem, Schifflange, Steinfort);
  • CBA for public-sector workers;
  • the CBAs of the municipal administrations of Bertrange, Grevenmacher, Leudelange, Mamer, Mondorf-les-Bains, Mertert, Remich, Steinsel, Walferdange;
  • the CBAs of the intercommunal syndicates SEBES, SES, SIDEC, SICA, Les Thermes, STEP.
How does the Public Service Syndicate work?

In addition to negotiating collective agreements, the syndicate’s mission is to defend in the best possible way the interests of its members both politically and syndicate-wise and to take a stand on all issues affecting the world of work and the public sector in particular.

Members of the syndicate’s leadership are elected every 4 years on Syndicate Day. The syndicate’s leadership is made up of members of staff delegations, representatives of company sections, as well as trusted persons.

International cooperation

Given the growing influence of European and international developments on national decision-making, trade union collaboration between countries is becoming increasingly necessary. At the European level, the OGBL Public Service Syndicate is affiliated to EPSU (Federation of European Public Service Unions) and at the international level to PSI (Public Services International).

Index Point Values applicable to Civil Service

Date Index Lower Value
Higher Value
01/01/2024 AS+1,95% 22,0393931 23,2752062