No to the elimination of bus routes serving factories!

The OGBL has just learned that 13 U-bus lines serving a large number of factories, including the Goodyear plant in Colmar-Berg, are to be abolished as of December 10, depriving thousands of workers of public transport to their place of work and also jeopardizing the jobs of the Sales-Lentz bus drivers who operate these lines.

The OGBL would like to point out that at the last meeting between the Minister for Mobility, François Bausch, and the OGBL syndicates responsible for road transport and industry, it was agreed that no routes serving factories would be withdrawn without a viable alternative being found.

However, to the best of the OGBL’s knowledge, no alternative is currently planned for the people affected, including the 3,500 Goodyear employees. The OGBL therefore considers the total elimination of the lines in question to be a violation of the agreement reached with François Bausch at the last meeting.

The OGBL calls on the Minister of Mobility to respect his commitment and to maintain the lines serving the factories!

The OGBL has also requested an urgent meeting with the Minister to find a solution acceptable to the workers concerned. If an agreement is not reached as soon as possible, the OGBL is prepared to take industrial action.

Press release of the Road Transport & Navigation/ACAL Syndicate, Chemistry Syndicate and Metal Processing Syndicate of the OGBL, November 14, 2023