OGBL closely follows Leclerc’s takeover of Match, Smatch, Courtheoux and Cora stores

The OGBL, the only union at Match, Smatch and Courtheoux and the majority union at Cora, remains vigilant following the official signing of the takeover of the Cora, Match, Smatch and Courtheoux banners on November 15. The Leclerc takeover comes at a time when negotiations for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement for Match and Courtheoux employees began last month.

Since the Leclerc takeover was announced, questions have been raised about the transition. At an extraordinary meeting today with the delegations concerned and the OGBL, the purchasers assured us that the transition would be smooth and gradual. In particular, they guaranteed that 100% of the staff would be retained and even hinted at a possible increase in numbers.

This is good news to start with! However, there are many implications, especially since two collective agreements are at stake: the one currently being negotiated for Match and Courtheoux employees, and the one covering Cora employees.

The question of union representativeness, with five staff delegations currently representing employees in the different sites, also remains an important issue. On both points, management is very reassuring, saying that no changes are planned. However, while recognizing the short and medium term commitments made by the new owner, the OGBL is and will continue to be vigilant in demanding strict compliance with Leclerc’s commitments to avoid any deterioration in working conditions, wages and benefits, and union representation in future Leclerc stores.

For OGBL, the employees remain the absolute priority.

Press release from the OGBL Commerce Syndicate,
November 17, 2023