OGBL demands a job protection plan at Circuit Foil Luxembourg

On October 10th, the management of Circuit Foil Luxembourg announced to the staff delegation and to the representatives of the OGBL, against all expectations, the implementation of a social plan that would affect about 30 employees of the company.

The staff delegation and the OGBL are firmly opposed to such a redundancy plan and are instead calling for the opening of negotiations on a job protection plan (plan de maintien dans l’emploi – PME).

In view of the company’s financial difficulties since 2022, the OGBL had already proposed the introduction of a PME to Circuit Foil Luxembourg’s management last July. Unfortunately, this proposal was rejected out of hand.

The OGBL is therefore astonished that the management is now, without warning, announcing its intention to implement a redundancy plan when a PME has not yet been considered or discussed.

The OGBL calls on the management of Circuit Foil Luxembourg to abandon its plan for a redundancy scheme and to negotiate a job protection plan with the OGBL as soon as possible in order to avoid job losses.

Finally, the staff delegation and the OGBL are ready to use all the means at their disposal to save jobs at Circuit Foil Luxembourg.

Press release of the OGBL Metal Processing Syndicate, October 10, 2023