U-bus routes serving factories to be maintained!

In recent weeks, the OGBL has asked the new Minister of Mobility to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the announced elimination of some 13 U-bus routes serving factories, including the Goodyear plant, which employs over 3,500 workers. Unfortunately, to date, this request has gone unanswered.

Despite the Minister’s refusal to meet with the country’s largest trade union, the OGBL recently learned that the 13 routes in question will be maintained.

The OGBL obviously welcomes the maintenance of these lines, but will continue to monitor the situation. In particular, the OGBL will not accept the withdrawal of any lines without first finding an alternative for the workers concerned.

Finally, the OGBL regrets the lack of communication from the Ministry of Mobility in recent weeks. In this context, the OGBL recommends that the Minister reconsider her policy towards the country’s largest union – social dialogue in Luxembourg is not a one-way street and is based above all on communication.

Press release issued by the OGBL’s Road Transport & Navigation/ACAL Syndicate, the Chemistry Syndicate and the Metal Processing Syndicate,
December 5, 2023