Private bus companies

Signing of the collective bargaining agreement drags on!

On September 14, the signatory syndicates and employer representatives from the private bus sector signed an agreement in principle concerning the renewal of the sector’s collective bargaining agreement. Over the following months, the texts of the new collective bargaining agreement were drafted and finalized. In principle, the collective bargaining agreement is therefore ready for signature.

However, the signatory parties to the collective bargaining agreement are still awaiting the return of the Ministry of Mobility. However, the agreement in principle between employers and unions clearly stipulates that the new agreement will take effect from January 1, 2024, i.e. also retroactively.

Given the urgency of the matter, the OGBL therefore contacted the employers’ organization, demanding that the renewed collective bargaining agreement be signed and implemented as soon as possible. A copy has also been sent to the Ministry.

The OGBL also expects political leaders to react swiftly to improve working conditions in the sector. Any further delay due to political inertia calls the Luxembourg social model into question. This collective bargaining agreement must still be signed in January!

The OGBL and its delegates will remain at your entire disposal and will keep you informed of any new developments in the dossier.

Published on January 12, 2024