No to the abolition of bus lines serving factories in the north of the country

The Minister of Mobility must act immediately!

The Road Transport and Industry Syndicates of the OGBL have contacted the Ministry of Mobility in order to obtain answers to a large number of questions and demands of the employees affected by the announced abolition of lines serving factories in the north of the country as of December 10, 2023.

The OGBL had already requested an emergency meeting on November 14 – but to date has received no response! In less than two weeks, the affected lines will be withdrawn with no alternatives planned for the workers at the impacted factories, including Goodyear.

The OGBL notes that the Minister of Mobility is currently showing no willingness to engage in social dialogue and is simply ignoring the needs of the employees!

If the Ministry does not come up with concrete proposals for dates by the end of the week, the OGBL will take trade union action.

Press release of the Road Transport & Navigation/ACAL, Chemistry and Metal Processing Syndicates of the OGBL,
30 November 2023