Finally a good agreement for Lagardère airport shop employees

On July 27, the OGBL and the management of Lagardère Travel Retail Luxembourg signed a new collective bargaining agreement for the company’s approximately 40 employees. Lagardère Travel Retail Luxembourg operates the duty-free shops at Luxembourg Airport.

Despite difficult and lengthy negotiations, the OGBL is pleased with the agreement reached thanks to the hard work of the company’s syndicate and staff delegates.

The agreement covers a period of three years, from August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2026. Here are the main advances that will benefit Lagardère Travel Retail Luxembourg employees

  • increase of the Sunday bonus to 95% (instead of the 70% stipulated by the Labor Code).
  • introduction of a salary scale based on the different job groups, with a flat-rate increase linked to the employee’s development and automatic promotion to the next step after one year’s seniority for sales staff.
  • setting of the skilled minimum wage as the hiring wage (an employee can no longer be hired at the unskilled minimum wage).
  • revaluation of various bonuses (between 4% and 9% increase).
  • introduction of a monthly lump-sum bonus of up to 155 euros.
  • revaluation of the lump-sum bonus earned by former Luxair employees by 8%.
  • increase in the value of the lunch vouchers to 10.80 euros.
  • gift voucher of 150 euros for all employees with at least one year of service at the time of signing the agreement.
  • introduction of 4 hours annual leave for blood donation.
  • in the event of a warning, reprimand and/or suspension of an employee, the employer is required to send a copy to the staff delegation.
  • inclusion in the collective agreement of a reference to article L. 211-7 (3) of the Labor Code, concerning changes made by the employer to the work organization plan (POT) once it is in effect.
  • inclusion in collective bargaining agreement of provisions relating to staff uniforms, taking into account changes made by the company.

Press release of the OGBL Trade Syndicate
July 31, 2023