Industry is still an important economic driver and job creator in the Luxembourg economy. And this sector will also have an important role for the future of the country. An important indicator are the increasing investments and the continuous need of companies for qualified employees in the sector.

The Metal Processing sector is an important part of the industrial sector in Luxembourg. The Metal Processing Syndicate is open to all employees and apprentices in this economic sector. The syndicate is competent for all companies working in the sector.

The main mission of the syndicate is to defend the interests of its members, in particular through its policy of collective agreements and its positions on all topics related to the world of work. Another important mission is the field work together with the staff delegations to improve the working conditions and remuneration of all employees in the sector.

Today, as in the past, the OGBL fights against all forms of discrimination. Together, with all our bodies and departments, we are fighting to ensure that the ideals of freedom, solidarity, equality and social justice prevail in society. At the head of the syndicate is the syndicate leadership which is elected every 5 years by the Syndicate Day. The Syndicate Day is composed of staff delegates, representatives of company sections and trusted persons.