Neutrality and national representativeness


OGBL is financially and politically independent and religiously neutral. It is financed solely by its members’ contributions and can therefore afford to defend exclusively the professional, social and economic rights and interests of its member women and men, but also of employees in general, whether they are active or retired. Benefiting from national representation, OGBL is one of the main players in the Luxembourg social dialogue between the State, employers and employees and thus constitutes a major counter-power.

The independent trade union OGBL offers neutral employee representatives, who are often left to their own devices, a first point of reference.

But OGBL is not and certainly will not be neutral in its positions, because as a national union it has to defend the interests of workers.

OGBL is more than a community of more than 2,200 staff delegates; it is the union which stands up for the rights and interests of all employees.

OGBL is Luxembourg’s first trade union in Luxembourg and the leader in negotiations at national level. With trade union actions and multiple interventions with different actors in the country, one of the latest successes of OGBL is the signature of tripartite agreements with the maintenance of the index and improvements for employees.

OGBL remains faithful to its values and its tenacity is paying off. Employees are at the heart of its concerns as well as the defens of them against arbitrariness, both individually and collectively.

OGBL offers them respect, listening, information, advice and representation of their interests and defends them vis-à-vis employers, employers’ federations and social security bodies.

OGBL is a multidisciplinary and interconnected trade union which includes, in addition to OGBL delegates, specialists from its Department of Service Information, Advice and Assistance (SICA) present in 18 offices in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France.

Dialogue is always the preferred solution, but OGBL does not hesitate to mobilise against unfair measures if necessary. It is aware of the changes in the world of work and is active in making demands and finding solutions to deal with developments that affect the lives of employees.

By working together for a better future for all financial sector workers, we can make a difference.

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