Young people speak out

Group of business people at conference.They discuss  and train a

We live in a time when it is increasingly difficult for a young adult to get through life. In the world of work, there is an increasing demand for higher education. In the financial sector in particular, it is not unusual for young adults to have one or more university degrees. Unfortunately, education is still very expensive today. Many have no choice but to take out a large loan in order to afford an education. An education which, in turn, is necessary to find a job.

Once in the workplace, training takes a back seat. One is considered inexperienced and without knowledge. Most of the time, beginners are poorly trained and left to their own devices. Many of them have imagined their entry into working life in a completely different way and soon resign themselves to it.

However, work offers the opportunity to be financially independent for the first time in one’s life. Thanks to work, one has the possibility to leave one’s parents and to occupy one’s own home.

This is the logical thing to do in life.

However, a new obstacle soon arises: housing prices and interest rates are currently so high that many young adults cannot realise their dream of becoming homeowners. Most of the time, the only choice left is to continue living with parents or to choose the trap of renting.

This leaves many young adults in debt, with no prospect of home ownership and high job dissatisfaction. Many of them still face discrimination against sexual orientation or sexism in everyday life.

Outside the world of work and everyday life, serious crises dominate: For more than a year, inflation has been rising relentlessly. Europe is at war again and the climate crisis is showing its disastrous consequences more and more each year.

Many people look to the future with a certain pessimism.

As OGBL we fight daily for better rights and working conditions for employees. Through the tariff policy in the companies, we fight for better wages. Furthermore, by defending the index, we have succeeded in preserving the mechanism against inflation and in maintaining the purchasing power of the population. We will not relax our vigilance facing the housing crisis and are calling for a right to housing for young adults.

We are also committed on a daily basis to gender equality and against gender discrimination.

As a member of numerous platforms, we continue to make our contribution against the climate crisis and are committed to the respect of human rights in the value chain.

All this is only possible thanks to the solidarity and activism of OGBL members. And in this context, there is an increase in the number of young adults.

Instead of looking at the future in a negative way, they have realised that as an OGBL member you can make a difference to improve conditions at all levels.

As an OGBL member under 35 years of age you are automatically part of the OGJ – Youth Department, defending the interests of young people and young adults and getting involved for them.

If you are not yet a member and want to make a difference, become a member now.


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