25 Juni 2021

Thank you all for your support and commitment!

Syndic_Finance_Brochure_CCT-Banques_EN.inddThanks to the efforts and determination of the OGBL and the LCGB, we have a socially fairer system of redistribution in the collective agreement for bank employees.

It remains to underline the unconvincing record of Aleba, which, while enjoying sectoral representativeness, has not managed to negotiate, in the context of the collective agreement of the banking sector, linear salary increases for more than 9 years. And this despite the remarkable financial health of the sector for years.

Two negotiation meetings, without the presence of Aleba, were enough to negotiate linear increases for ALL employees in the sector.

Finally, an agreement for the renewal of the collective agreement with both qualitative and quantitative improvements was signed on Thursday 10 June 2021.

This signed agreement includes almost the entirety of our 2019 election program, a program that the OGBL had elaborated together with its candidates and staff delegates in the banking sector. So we have kept our word.

Thank you all for your support and commitment!

For the full article, read here (pdf).

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