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Let’s break the silence

Victim or witness of moral harassment, let’s talk about it!


Moral harassment is a harmful phenomenon in the workplace and in society in general. In Luxembourg, the only measure covering moral harassment is currently the convention of June 25, 2009 on harassment and violence at work signed between the trade unions OGBL and LCGB on the one hand, and the UEL (Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises) on the other hand, transposing the autonomous European framework agreement and declared to be of general obligation by the Grand-Ducal regulation of December 14, 2009. In addition, a draft law on the subject has been introduced in 2021.

Unfortunately, moral harassment at work is a reality in Luxembourg where it is developing in all sectors. According to the figures of the Chamber of Employees (CSL-Chambre des Salariés), 2 out of 10 employees say they are victims. In the Higher Education and Research sector, the OGBL has observed a recurrence and intensification of this disturbing phenomenon through the testimonies of its members and staff representatives.

This is why the SEW/OGBL’s Higher Education and Research Department is launching a major sectoral campaign on moral harassment in the workplace, including awareness-raising and prevention actions for employees in the sector. More broadly, this campaign, which will be relayed on social networks, is aimed at all workers, regardless of sector of activity, hierarchical level or position in the company.

The OGBL intends to break the silence around the phenomenon of moral harassment in Luxembourg. Indeed, the OGBL considers that the case management within companies in general is often inadequate, or even insufficient, and has the effect of silencing the victims. It is together that we will be able to reduce this scourge. This is what our campaign expresses: « Together let’s break the silence and fight against moral harassment at work ».

>> Read our information brochure which has been published for this campaign: it will serve as a guide for the steps to take when you are a victim or witness of moral harassment.

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