16 September 2023

Cargolux: CWA update – an agreement has been reached



Cargolux, OGBL and LCGB are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached for the basis of a new CWA between all parties, including the four blocking points regarding a salary increase envelop of 5,5% commencing on 1st September 2023 until 31stAugust 2027 (including a revised salary scale for maintenance technical staff), an indexation protection and the Company’s policy regarding Working From Home.

Following this, the strike will cease with immediate effect and all striking CWA employees will return to work.

The negotiations were conducted in the presence of the President & CEO of Cargolux, the National of OGBL and the President of LCGB.

This sets the future of an enhanced social dialog between Cargolux and the Unions, taking into account the requirements of all parties.

Cargolux remains a key pillar of the logistics industry in Luxembourg and the commitment of all parties is aimed at ensuring that this continues.

Communicated on September 16th September

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